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Grading & Difficulty for Our Walking Holidays

It's important for us that everybody enjoys their walking holiday as much as possible while getting the challenge expected. To help you choose the perfect holiday for you, we have adopted a Peaks grading system.

2-Peaks Walking

Our 2-Peaks holidays are for people who have a keen interest in this wonderful mountain environment. You will have plenty on opportunities on our 2-Peaks walking holidays to enjoy the views and learn about the varied flora and fauna, with our guide also sharing knowledge on the geology and local culture.

A typical guided day will involve walking between five and seven hours with an altitude gain of anything up to 900 metres (approx. 3000 feet). The walking will mostly follow well marked trails and will avoid narrow ridges and precipitous edges. On occasion the may be some scrambling on loose ground.

3-Peaks Walking

The 3-Peaks graded holidays are intended for those with a reasonably high level of fitness, a keen sense of adventure and those looking for a challenge. These trips are perfect for regular walkers who are looking to walk for up to nine hours a day. Some days may require an early start or a late finish and you can expect to ascend up to 1,200 vertical metres (4,000 feet) in a day.

You will still have time to enjoy the wildlife, geology and views although there is more focus on summits and adventure than on the 2-Peaks graded walks. Difficult terrain is to be expected with some steep walking and scrambling. With some passages equipped with cables, ladders and chains, you will need a reasonably good head for heights.


We aim to make our snowshoeing holidays challenging and exciting without requiring our guests to be super-fit athletes. Snow conditions and weather have a much more significant impact on the amount of effort needed for snowshoeing walks and the pace and duration of each day will be determined according to the group energy levels. You can expect a typical day to involve up to six hours of walking with a vertical ascent of between 500 and 1,000 metres (1,600-3,200 feet).

Making all of our guests happy

It's important to us that all of our guests get the holiday that they expect. If any guests find themselves considerably less fit and able than the rest of the group or unable to meet the requirements of the particular grade, we reserve the right the move the guest to a lower graded group or to offer self-guided walking. Route cards, maps and a GPS unit are offered for self-guided days in this situation.

Need Advice?

If you need any more information on choosing the right holiday for you, our grading or any other advice, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.